Young Dolph net worth

Young Dolph is an American rapper of hip-hop and gangsta genres.  Young Dolph was born Adolph Thornton Jr. on 11th of August 1985 and is known for his stage name; Young Dolph Net Worth.

Young Dolph started rapping in 2008 when he got a wake-up call after almost being killed in a car crash and the death of his grandmother from lung cancer the same year.  He started his music as a way of emotional relief, and then released his first mix tape called “Paper Route Campaign”. This mix tape landed him into a successful position and fame as a rapper and he has not looked back ever since.

Take a peek into Young Dolph net worth:

Young Dolph net worth is so crazy that we needed to take a breather after seeing it. The young rapper is worth around two million dollars! We know; it takes a while to adjust to the number, but Young does not seem to think so because he is not stopping at this astounding number!

Year Net worth
2010 Approximately 830,700 dollars
2011 Approximately 890,000 dollars
2012 Approximately 925,000 dollars
2013 Approximately 990.000 dollars
2014 Approximately 1 million dollars
2015 Approximately 1.1 million dollars
2016 Approximately 1.46 dollars
2017 Approximately 1.98 dollars
2018 Approximately 2 million dollars
2019 Expected to be around 3 million dollars

The rapper is estimated to be worth around 3 million dollars by the next year, and continue increasing his net worth.

How did Young Dolph net worth come to be?

How did the rapper gain such an immense yet constantly increasing net worth, and that within a short time too?

His first mix tape “Paper Route Campaign” raised him into the platform where he is at today, and he continued making music from then on. He made his own label by the same name and released his studio album on February 19, 2016. Young Dolph released his studio album called King of Memphis which was topped 49 on the Billboard 200 US chart position, 9 on the R&B/Hip-Hop and 5 on the US Rap. In 2017, Young Dolph was shot several times outside of a retail store in Los Angeles, and miraculously survived several gunshot wounds in critical condition. Young Dolph used this opportunity to release his next album called Bulletproof, which 36 on the US top charts, 19 on R&B/Hip-hop and 14 on US Rap. This obviously was well enough of a success to earn him a lot, and no wonder his increasing net worth is not near to stopping. He further released “Tracking Numbers”, “Thinking Out Loud” and “Role Model” in 2017 and 2018.

Young Dolph expected net worth:

We expect Young Dolph to hit three million dollars to four million dollars by next year. Young Dolph has announced Role Model tour with Kap G and said he wishes to earn 200 million dollars someday. Considering his nonstop rise to the top, and the ay those numbers keep on increasing, we can safely say that Young Dolph is going to make us envious and leave us totally shook.


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