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What is portrait photography?

What is portrait photography?
What is portrait photography?

Interested in finding out about portrait photography? You have certainly come at the right page!

Portrait photography? We define all!

Portrait photography is a term used for photographing technique which uses lighting, background props and support to highlight a person’s or a subject’s personality by capturing a picture. Portrait photography is everything about capturing the personality and the aura of a person.

Still confused about portrait photography?

Learn portrait photography?and how it works!

We know you are thinking how can a person capture a personality within a photograph? It sounds impossible, but is it? Capturing a personality within a photograph is all about getting the right essence of the background, environment and the subject. Portrait photography can be clinical, artistic, aesthetic, and even gothic. For example; if a subject grew up in a Goth environment, or displays gothic persona, then you have to capture a photograph that ticks all the boxes of what a gothic environment is. This includes the clothing, the lighting and even the pose of the subject just so it displays a gothic attitude.

You have learn portrait photography is; let’s jump on to its techniques!

Portrait photography is interesting enough to be done by anyone, but it requires critical techniques. Here are a few techniques used in portrait photography:

  1. Lighting techniques:

Lighting technique consists of many techniques that employ lighting as their main use. The following are examples of lighting techniques:

  1. Three point lighting
  2. Key light
  1. Three point lighting:

Portrait photography uses three point lighting which is a plan to capture all the three dimensions or angles of the subject, bringing out its features and illuminating them. Three point lighting is a lighting technique devised entirely to capture the physique and dimensions of the photographing model.

  1. Key light:

What is Portrait photography captures?

The personality of a subject, and the personality of a subject is mostly in the face. Therefore, it is an extremely essential part of photography to capture the face, and highlight it as the central point of the entire portrait. A key light is a lighting technique used to highlight the face, and give it the perspective it needs. Key light is a light placed directly in front of the subject’s face, so it lights the face and accentuates all the features completely.

  1. Capturing approaches:

Capturing approaches are the techniques on the types of photography. These include four approaches, and two of them are:

  1. Environmental approach
  2. Candid approach
  1. Environmental approach:

Environmental approach is the photography technique which uses the background to emphasize the person’s personality. In this technique, the background shows the profession or the hobbies of a person to display the person’s personality.

  1. Candid approach:

In candid approach, the subject pretends to be doing something other than modeling, while simultaneously pretending that there is no photographer there to capture him/her. In other words, candid photography takes the picture while the client is enjoying and living the moment as if he/she were not aware that there was a photographer nearby.

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