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Use the Chrome’s automatic “mute site” feature from preventing annoying sounds


Google rolls out update day by day and now is here automatic mute site chrome. It comes to prevent you from the unwanted and annoying video sounds. The version was supposed to release for the chrome 64 but after all, it was debuted in chrome 66. With the latest addition to the chrome, you may go to viewing to every site without muting the speaker.  You don’t need to do it manually as it will have been done automatically.

The positive side is that it will never block the videos by running on the side. It will just mute the blasting sounds. An act shows that Google wants your piece of mind while continuing your activity. If the publisher does not do it, you will just see it without the voice.

Before this update, you had to fix the mute by going to individual tabs. After closing the tabs, the settings were returning to a default that was meant to do mute again from preventing the annoying sounds. But for now, you may hear the sound of those videos with them you are actually engaged. Just you need to click on the site’s domain and you will get the video with sounds. This will permit you to hear from the sites automatically according to your wish.

For this feature, there were two actions: one was an unmuting button by the Chrome engineer, and the second one was the chrome extension.  For Google, it was a big challenge as it could create the aggressiveness in the publishers of web games. From one side blasted on the Google by saying unilaterally imposing because they were working according to the web policies.

The updated algorithm will help you out who were irritated by auto-playing video ads. Use this feature and carry on browsing without being interrupted.


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