Study reveals what will happen to the sun at the time of death

The sun, the symptom of energy, life, warmth, and light is supposed to go die. On the behalf of some astronomers, the sun is 4.6 billion years old. In the latter half of its life, that is almost 5 billion years would be an adult star like others. According to the scientists that like the other objects of the solar system, it will also have an end.

The international team of astronomers formed the situations that may happen in the upcoming 5 billion years in our solar system. One of them is that the time can turn the giant sun into red color. The size of the sun will be lessened. The horrible thing is its expanding size of the outer layer of the orbit of Mars will engulf our planet.

But to see the whole process most certainly the human will not be around there. The sun’s brightness ignites 10 percent further. The amplified brightness of the sun assures the end of the human life on earth. The whole process of demising the sun will make ocean to evaporate and it will get earth too hot.

At that time nuclear fusion can begin due to the shells of hydrogen and helium. After the 7 or 8 billion years, the sun will start to degenerate and become a cool but dense white dwarf star. Converting into a planetary nebula, it will throw the shining series of shells. They will comprise of gas and with high speed.

Carbon will also play a core role in the form of fusion. Because the dead time of star emerges the dust and gas, known as the envelope. The size of the envelope can be half of the star’s mass. This point shows that the particular star is going out of life.

The new results will allow tracking the accuracy and range about what will happen to the sun. It will help astronomers to know about the origins of planetary nebulas as well.

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