Rob Dyrdek net worth

June 28, 1974; the day a legendary entrepreneur was born. Rob Dyrdek; a famous American entrepreneur, actor, producer, and reality TV star, is also a former professional skateboarder. Rob Dyrdek net worth is famously known for his reality shows “Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory”, “Ridiculousness”, “Rob and Big”, and “Wild Grinders”.

What is the story that paved the way for Rob Dyrdek net worth?

Rob Dyrdek was born in Kettering, Ohio. He was always interested in sports as a child and started taking a peak interest in skateboarding when only a child of eleven years old. Dyrdek decided to skip senior year of high school and move to California to pursue skateboarding professionally. He was already working with a company ever since he was twelve and later went on to become the entrepreneur of the same company. He worked alongside with famous skateboarder Neil Blender and was sponsored by a company DC Shoes until 2016. Blender and Dyrdek quit their board sponsors positions and created their own “Alien Workshop”.

Rob Dyrdek net worth even comes from acting!!!

Rob Dyrdek got his first acting job in an MTV reality television series called “Big and Rob” in 2006. This series aired till 2008, and in 2009 Rob’s lucky series “Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory” was broadcasted. Dyrdek was also featured in video games like Skate, Skate 2 and cameo’d alongside Rambo in a movie “Righteous Kill”. Rob Dyrdek even went on to be a stuntman in some of his shows, and we applaud him for being a master in all fields.

What is Rob Dyrdek net worth?

We can see from his several accomplishments that Dyrdek is a man of many talents and surely is taking the right advantage of them.

Rob Dyrdek net worth is said to be around a stunning fifty million dollar. We are not surprised by this considering his diverse skills, but still, the amount of money he has brings real shivers down our spines. Brrr!

His immense and absolutely well-deserved wealth is all to be credited for his professional skateboarding, highly talented and skillful acting, his entrepreneurship skills, stunt efforts, and many more.  Rob earned his 50 million dollars’ worth of net worth from all his many talents, which is why we are all pegging for him!

Interesting facts about Rob Dyrdek:

•    Rob was declared “One of the most influential skateboarders of all-time” by “Fox Weekly”.

•    Rob was inspired to be a pro skateboarder when he was gifted his first skateboard by Neil Blender.

•    Rob Dyrdek was so into skateboarding as a child that he claims, he; “Thought about all the cool tricks I would do all day I class, and after school ended I would practice them out until my parents made me come inside.”

•    Rob Dyrdek made a great name for himself after he was enlisted in the “Guinness Book of World Records” approximately 21 times for different world records.


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