Remy Ma net worth

Remy Ma who has not heard of her?

This American rapper and songwriter has hit our hearts with her many records and songs, and no wonder she is at the top of her arena. I mean, come on, Remy Ma? Legend. Remy Ma net worth.

Born on May 30, 1980 in Castle Hill, The Bronx in New York City of US, Reminisce Smith is an American rapper and songwriter, who was initially recognized by Big Pun, Christopher Lee Carlos Rios, an American rapper himself. Remy had to take care of her siblings from a young age as her parents were drug abusers, and started writing poetry as her source of retreat from personal issues.

Big Pun’s was the inspiration to Remy Ma net worth:

Her poetry was so impressive that Big Pun got word of it and when he saw her writing, he was immediately impressed and became her mentor after a freestyle meeting. This paved the way for Remy Ma, who made her first music appearance in “Yeah Baby” by Big Pun.  

Remy Ma net worth is obviously the result of her hard work.

Remy became the part of the Terror Squad by Fat Joe after the death of Big Pun, under his label SRC and Universal.  Her success was imminent in her work “Lean Back” which earned her a Grammy nomination, and her next debut album “There’s Something about Remy: Based on a True Story” moved several units, approximately 38000 in the first week. This was an impressive and remarkable feat for this rapper, who did not need to look back and now, was on the stairway to success.

Remy got engaged to the rapper Papoose (Shamele Mikael) and was set to be married but was imprisoned in jail for assisting in a shooting and witness tampering, assault and weapon possession.

Remy Ma net worth is a massive climber to the skies!

There is a lot more to Remy’s life but her massive success is evident as she joined the cast of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop: New York in 2015 and even appeared in the seasons of 2016 and 2017. On March 2, 2016, Fat Joe and Remy released an album called “Plata O Plomo” and released the famous and hit single “All The Way Up”. This single alone received two Grammy nominations and platinum certification from the RIAA. Her album debuted at an astonishing position of 44 on the Billboard 200 within the first week. Phew!

Moving to the burning question: what is Remy Ma net worth?

We have seen how much effort she put in her albums and how much of a success her work is. Even now, she continues to work and we are impressed by her speed and momentum.

Remy Ma has a net worth of 4 million dollars and is expected to hit 5 million dollars by the next year! Her impressive climb to the great fortune can be seen as below:

Net worth Year
1 million dollars 2015
1.78  million dollars 2016
2 million dollars 2017
4 million dollars 2018
Estimated to be 5 million dollars 2019


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