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We consider the privacy of our users important. Every time you visit to website, we collect your personal information and we make it secure from each angle. Here is essential to ensure you how we care about your privacy and what actions are taken in this order.Be confident while visiting our website as we never sell your personal information to the third parties.We collect data from the Log in page when you Log in to get the access to numerous other pages to the website. The data we collect is ISP (internet service provider), IP (internet protocol) address and the browser information which you come through.We measure the time when you visited and what pages you have explored while staying on our website.Our website uses cookies for collecting your information and you get informed with the pop up when you take a step for Log in.The use of third party advertisements on the website also will have access to your IP address and ISP because they also use the cookies and web beacons. The general purpose of it is the Geo-targeting so you can visit the specific sites based on ads. You have options to turn off our cookies or third party cookies by visiting your browser settings. But in this case you will never be allowed to log in to services or forums. The action will also affect to your visits to other websites. Deleting cookies for the web is never meant to block youpermanently from interacting with any advertising program.