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Percy Robert Miller; or as we know him better by his business name, Master P is a famous rapper, philanthropist, actor, businessman, and a former basketball player. His many talents reflect his stage name, and there is not much left to wonder about his popularity. But we cannot all just know everything about him and it is a bit obvious that his fans want to know more. His story, his net worth, his short biography; everything you need to know about Master P Net Worth will be found here.

Who is Master P?

Percy Robert Miller was born on April 29, 1970, in New Orleans. Oldest of his four siblings, Master P is not the only talented one; in fact, he has three talented brothers who are also rappers and actors, Corey (C-Murder), Vyshonne (Silkk the Shocker) and Kevin (who was killed).

The initiation of Master P net worth:

After the death of his grandfather, Miller inherited around 10,000 Dollars and opened a record company named “No Limit Records”, which later on became his own record label name. He released a cassette tape called “Mind of a Psychopath” on February 5, 1990, and a year later his debut studio album called “Get Away Clean” on 12 February 1991 followed by “Mama’s Boy”, which both gained huge success.  Master P went on to release debut studio albums “99 Ways To Die”, “Ice Cream Man”, “Ghetto D”, and many more, which earned him a nomination on the MTV Video Music Award.

Master P net worth is shocking us to the bone!

This leaves no place to the imagination, it is pretty clear how Master P got his success, but his immense richness still leaves people in awe.  A master of several talents this American rapper and entrepreneur has a net worth of a tremendous 200 million dollars. Shocking right?  His record label “No Limits Records” has sold 80 million dollars’ worth copies worldwide, and in 1998 alone, he was generated 160 million dollars. His astounding and whopping net worth is the result of his many diverse talents and careers, which are impossible to narrow down because they are so many of them. Master P is still working and has continuously released music ever since 1991.

But Master P net worth could be even more!

This is not the only estimated net worth. Some people claim his net worth rounded off to 250 million dollars, and his x-wife claimed that he owned 31 properties, 45 companies and “No Limit Records” alone was worth 136 million dollars. Whoa. Talk about being loaded! This is enough to be jealous of his countless talents and matching fame and mind-blowing net worth.

Interesting facts about Master P:

•    Master P owned 13 cars in 2014.

•    Master P was motivated to become an entrepreneur after his brother Kevin was killed in 1990.

•    Master P released a collaboration album with his Group title TRU.

•    Master P’s and TRU’s third album together; True was released in 1995 and made it to number 25 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and 14 on the Top Heatseekers.

•    Master P was called Mister P, the country Singer when he used to open for Tupac Shakur in the early 1990s.


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