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Ludacris is an American rapper and actor, who has been hitting the high notes ever since the 2000s and has not, looked back since then. Ludacris was born Christopher Brian Bridges, on September 11, 1977, in Illinois, US. He currently resides in his mansion in Atlanta, Georgia where he moved when he was nine years old. He is the founder of record label “Disturbing Tha Peace” and has won many notable mentions including Critics Choice, Screen Actors Guild, Grammy awards and MTV. Today learn Ludacris net worth.

Ludacris net worth is huge: how?

Ludacris briefly DJ’d or a while before releasing his first official album in 1999 called “Incognegro” and followed it with “Back for the First Time” in 2000.   His singles from the second album called “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Southern Hospitality” were immediately classified as hit singles. He went on to release “Word of Mouf,” “Chicken n Beer”, “Red Light District”, “Release Therapy”,  and “Theater of the Mind” which were all appreciated worldwide.

He began his acting career by starring in “Crash”, “Gamer”, and “New Year’s Eve” but is famously known for his role as Tej Parker in the famous movie series “The Fast and the Furious”.

Now that we have his many talents covered, let’s jump onto the real topic: Ludacris net worth

According to many sources, Ludacris is worth approximately twenty-five to thirty million dollars. Why this is such a huge fortune lies in the fact that Ludacris is constantly earning, and is expected to go higher than this number. His salary is estimated to be $ 600,000 and this is just a fair estimation. His estimated net worth puts him into the list of 100 richest rappers worldwide.

Despite Ludacris net worth, he still faced some money problems:

However, Ludacris was facing some money problems in 2013 when he declared in court-in child support case of his child that he was earning only 55,000 dollars annually. Turns out, he was waiting to be paid-from “The Fast and the Furious” film series-which was on hold due to Paul Walker’s tragic death in 2013.  

But Ludacris net worth caught up in the game!

But after that, during 2014 and 2015, he earned a whopping eight million dollars, and because of this sudden earning he was featured in Forbes’s list of “Hip-Hop Cash Kings.”

There is not an annual table of Ludacris net worth, but we know if there was one, he would be beating the odds with his money.

Interesting facts about Ludacris:

  • He started rapping at the age of nine.
  • When small, he used to beat trashcans for music and have fellow friends beat box for fun.
  • He has four daughters, from his ex-girlfriends, and one from his wife. His daughters are Shaila Scott (aged 22), Karma Bridges (age 17), Cai Bella Bridges (age five from his ex-girlfriend Tamika Fuller) and Cadence Gaelle Bridges (from his wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue).
  • Ludacris is estimated to have made a salary of one million dollars in 2015. Phew, we could never!


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