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Lori Greiner is an American entrepreneur, inventor, and a television actress.  We all remember the lively actress from her starring in “Shark Tank” and its spin-off “Beyond the Tank.” Lori is also famously known as the founder and creator of the company “For Your Ease Only Inc.” which does product marketing and development. Lori Greiner net worth is today’s topic but before that let’s count her talents

There is not a word we can put to her various and numerous talent, but we can surely say that Lori Greiner is a jack of all trades, but contrary to popular belief, also a master of them all.

Greiner was born on December 9, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois. She studied from the Loyola University Chicago and majored in mass communications, which gave her the mind to start journalism, and eventually focus on television and films. She is the creative inventor of an earring storage box which is capable of holding around 100 pairs of earring, and her prototype was placed in J.C Penney stores.

Lori Greiner net worth is a lot. Where did it all start?

Our favorite Lori Greiner was signed in “Shark Tank” in 2012 and she invested in “Scrub Daddy” in 2014, resulting in selling around 2 million sponges products in one day alone. Greiner further produced many inventions including” Readerest”, “Paint Brush Cover”, “Hold Your Haunches”, “Drop Stop”, “Fiberfix”, “Scrub Daddy”, “Simply Fit Board” and “Sleep Styler” out of which the latter three were claimed to be Shark Tank’s biggest hits to date.

Enough talk let’s get onto Lori Greiner net worth!

But here is the real tea: Lori Greiner is estimated to be worth 100 million dollars! Yes, the incredible Shark Tank star Lori Greiner not only earned the title “Warm Blooded Shark” but also a huge load of money. Her talents show how she drove speedily yet impressively on the highway to success and Lori Greiner net worth makes us all jealous!

But how did this mega-star win such a great fortune?

In 2014, her earring organizer prototype earned her a million dollars. Since then she created more and more products which earned her a lot more, and she earned approximately 10 million dollars then!

But hold on; there’s more to Lori Greiner net worth!

 Lori hosted QVC’s “Clever and Unique Creations” and rose to the estimated net worth of 50 million dollars in 2017! As of 2018, she continued her work and earned 50 million dollars ore, meaning that only within a year did she increase her net worth by twice the original worth, and lead to an increase of 50 percent more.

Interesting facts about Lori Greiner:

•    Lori Greiner has been featured in famous magazines including Forbes and Oprah’s “O Magazine”.

•    Lori never intended to be an inventor, and she said that she never planned to be an inventor. Guess we can all just assume she is just as naturally talented in creativity as taught she I in mass communications!

•    Lori holds more than a hundred patents. In fact, she holds one hundred and twenty foreign patents!

•    Lori Greiner

net worth has her included in the list of people who have earned the most from Shark Tank.

net worth has her included in the list of people who have earned the most from Shark Tank.

Lori Greiner, we bow to you, queen!

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