Let yourself Interact with inhuman voice and get amazed

A revolution in the technical era hits the world in form of digital phone operator. Now you will be listened and answered by a robot rather than a human. Google’s Duplex AI system caused to emerge this robot-vocalization machine. We may think how a robot can mimic the human language sounds? Google managed a conference to make the technology dismantle. The conducted test accomplished flawlessly by throwing calls to the number of business.

No one on the other side could realize that they are interacting with a robot. The developers made the Duplex technical enough that it produces the “ahhs”, “ums” and other voices like this which people can throw in the middle of the thought. This designed Duplex performs this task over phone better than human.

As a digital operator, it will work in banks, automated customer services center, Power Company etc to assist the people on the other side of the phone. The system will allow the conversational process to be done as natural as possible. People will talk normally same like they do with other people on phone. But, it will never answer to those questions that come into mind randomly.  The system is only trained to carry out the natural conversations. By the security point of view, the training provided to the Duplex’s RNN for removing the conversation data.

This worth-accentuated innovation of Google will cut the extra cost of the companies, which they pay to call operators. It will also benefit them by shrinking the waiting time that causes to lose the customers. Obviously, this potential innovation will amaze the world by receiving the so many answers from it. Security reasons regarding data collection will never affect to this revolutionize computer system. Your first-time interaction with Duplex AI will never let you feel that you are connected with inhuman voice.

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