Explore Kyoto with photography tips and travel guideline

Kyoto is most beautiful place.The visit to Japan is incomplete without exploring Kyoto. Encapsulated with wooded forest former capital of Japan has all to expose you true beauty of Japanese culture. Ornate temples, misty mountains and historic merchant houses will never let you turn the heads. Huge number of UNESCO world heritage sites, 2000 temples and quirkier sights of arcadetitles Kyoto as a capital of culture. Below listed pictures of rocking beauty will delight you enough to urge for going there.

Kinkaku-ji – Golden Pavilion

Kyoto,The dazzling sight of Kinkaku- jiknown as Golden Pavilion comes in the most beautiful places. Being covered with gold leaf, it throws an unparalleled beauty and impressive view to the eyes. Be sure to reach there before 30 minutes earlier. It will get you the chance to capture the best photos and feel the tranquility of the surroundings. The place features small wooden halls with Buddhist statues.Bus # 12 will take approximately 50 minutes from the Gion area while bus #101 and #205 takes a time of 40 minutes from Kyoto station.


The spell-bounding place shows the towering canopy of bamboo on the peaceful paths.  It is considered the home of Lush Bamboo forest which features the temples and shrines including UNESCO listed Gio-ji Temple and Tenru-ji Temple. The city is also a path to Monkey Park lwatayama.For getting here, train is the most rapid travel source. The JR Sagano line is direct and takes 15 minutes in cost of 240 yen. Capture the sight of Katsura river and bamboo grass. Set the white balance settings to highlight the green color properly.

Fushimi Inari Ta Shrineaish

The place welcomes with Shinto Shrine and Torii Gates appeal the senses. The impressive sights penetrate enough to keep going. Walking alongside the hill, the dazzling view of the city and the color of the tunnel keeps the mind calm. Capturing the photographs at the time of the sun rising will meet you with the incredible experience of the life.   Two routes from JR Nara line to Inari station and Keihan Main line to the Fushimi Inari station roughly takes 5 to 10 minutes from Kyoto. Make your photos best by adding the blur to the pictures or captured the Japanese women wearing traditional Kimono. Hold the hillside scenes as it will give a real sense of place.

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