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“Kodak Black” is a famous American rapper born on June 11, 1997 in Florida. His original name was “Dieuson Octave”, but he changed it to “Bill Kahan Kapri” and is popularly known for his stage name; “Kodak Black”.  Kodak Black is surprisingly only 21 years old, with achievements bigger than the rapper himself, and constantly leaves the world in awe and Kodak Black Net Worth

The question is; how did Kodak Black net worth happen?

This young rapper started rapping only when he was in elementary school and started going to a local trap house after school to record his music. He was so determined to take his music further that he spent his hours reading dictionaries and thesauruses to improve and flourish his vocabulary. In 2009, Black joined a group of rappers who called themselves “Brutal Youngnz” and undertook the stage name “J Black”. Later he switched groups to “The Kolyons”. His first mix tape “Project Baby” was released in 2013 which gained positive remarks but he gained true popularity when rapper “Drake” danced on Black’s song “Skrt” in 2015. In October 2015, Kodak Black signed a record with Atlantic records and started flourishing the media ever since that.

How much does he earn and what is Kodak Black net worth?

We all want to know how much does this talented rapper earn because it seems like he is touching the peak of popularity and wealth, and does not look like he is stopping soon. The skilled rapper of the hit singles “Tunnel Vision” and “No Flocking” is worth six hundred, thousand dollars! However, according to some sources Kodak Black net worth reaches 2.5 million dollars! Whoa! We cannot imagine having that much!

Kodak Black net worth was even featured in his music videos!

Kodak Black even flaunted his immense net worth in his music video called “Transportin” where he shows off his luxurious style of living, giving the viewers a sight of bags full of money, expensive cars, and a huge house. Kodak even has a YouTube channel which earns him an approximate of 182 thousand dollars per month!

His astounding net worth has had many uplifts as can be seen from down below. Here is Kodak Black net worth in a table:

Year Net worth
2016 1 million dollars
2017 1.8-1.9 million dollars
2018 2-2.5 million dollars

Of course, his net worth is still increasing and we expect it to reach 3 or 3.5 million dollars in 2019. Man, what a lavish life!

Interesting facts about Kodak Black:

•    Kodak Black does have a dark side to him. He has had as many as eleven court appearances and has been imprisoned a few times for his misdemeanors which include sexual assault, armed robbery, and false imprisonment of a child, possession of a weapon, possession of drugs (marijuana) and assault.

•    Kodak Black has many lavish vehicles including a BMW X6, a gold-rimmed Cutlass, a Mercedes Benz he gifted his mother and a Rolls Royce Ghost.

•    Kodak has a son named King Khalid Octave from former girlfriend Jammiah Broomfield.


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