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Know about Duysak who deleted Trump’s Twitter account


Duysak is a master mind person.Twitter is one of most active social platforms and it’s a favorite and foremost place of celebrities, politicians and renowned personalities too. They take the very active and much watched place to share the news with the peoples and supporters. Twitter itself is obsessed to make the social platform secure from every point of view, especially for harassment and has taken exceptional steps in this order too. But, an incident shocked tothe Trump’s followers and the people when they were looking for the news from his side. The quire was returning to them with the page does not exist. The page was flooded with 43.5 million followers, which growing day by day.Twitter blamed to a customer support employee for the perpetrated act and said he did it the last day of his job. Trump called him a “rouge employee”. A man is BahtiyarDuysak who shut down the account temporarily and due to which it went dark for 11 minutes. The person is a German with Turkish decent and he was serving at customer supporter designation to Twitter in USA on a study and work visa. He was responsible to have a check and balance for the harassment, illegal and offensive tweets.November 2, in his last day working someone reported about the Trump’s account. In his throwaway gesture he started the process of deactivating, then shut down his computer and left the building. He confessed all happened inadvertently and it was beyond his imagination that process would actually be completed.  Duysak called the action a mistake which everyone can do as he did. Further said, he did not do any evil and there is no reason to flee from the media.After the incident the air was filled with questions as such how an employee can have access to disable the account. However, thecompany ensured about taking the safety steps for the next time.


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