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Chief Keef Net Worth, Chief Keef is an American rapper and record producer, and he was born on August 15, 1995, in Chicago Illinois. Balancing a young age in this advanced time; Chief Keef is a very talented man, who has thousands of people in his fan base. We are all jealous of the fame he has, and seeing how he made himself a bigwig in the music industry we can see this rap star deserves it all.

But where did it start. How did Chief Keef net worth grow?

The moniker Chief Keef hides the name Keith Farelle Cozart, and was named after his uncle Big Keef or Keith Carter. Chief Keef started rapping at the mere age of five years! This is impressive and Keef used his mothers karaoke machine to record his talent. He started school at Dulles Elementary School, Banner School and attended high school at Dyett High School, which he dropped out of at the age of fifteen. He started producing his mix tapes called “The Glory Road and Bang.”, and earned recognition and attention from the Chicago’s South Side community in 2011. He posted several and numerous videos on his YouTube account while he was on house arrest at his grandmothers house. His fan base consisted of his classmates and mainly high school students.

Chief Keef net worth and its flow by his records:

Then he released the mix tapes called “Bang and Back From the Dead”, “Bang,” “I Don’t Like” and “3Hunna” among which a few were music videos which instantly hit a high number of likes and then Chief Keef started climbing to the stairway of success.

Chief Keef went on to release albums called “Finally Rich” in 2012, “Bang 3, Part 1” and “Bang 3, Part 2” in 2015.

Now coming on to the part we have all been waiting for: Chief Keef actual net worth.

Chief Keef is estimated to be worth 2 million dollars according to many sources. However, many claim that this net worth is only an estimated one, and that he actually is worth a lot more than this. Chief Keef lives in a mansion in California and we can assure he has no financial issues like some rappers who are struggling. Chief Keef has all the rights to flaunt his fortune, and it is evident that he does and we all like the flaunting too. He owns an impressive Ferrari 458 Spider, Bentley, Roadster, Bentley Mulsanne, Audi Q7, and a BMW i8. Wow! We cannot even afford one of these beauties and he owns six! Whoa, let us all just breathe a breath of envy!

What interesting is about Chief Keef is that he has five children, and yet is unmarried. His five children are Kayden and Kimara who are daughters and three sons namely Sno, Krue Karter and Zinc Clark. Chief Keef is supporting all of his kids and is hoping to get richer just to give his children a better life. We all hope he comes to it!


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