Check for the new three useful features for lens, introduced by Google

For now, Google introduces three features for the lens which makes the camera more useful.  The demos made intrigued them who were present at the conference.

The new features are:

Smart Text Selection

Style Match

Real-Time Results

Smart Text Selection does act to explain you by scanning the words. For example, you don’t know about the dishes available on the table. Point the camera towards the dishes, tap on it, and it will pop up with their introduction. You may further idealize about its awesome function by the demo, presented at the I/O developer conference. In it, the picture was clicked off the book’s inside cover and the text displayed on the screen.  You can copy and paste the text anywhere else. The action can be done by Google assistant as well.

Style match is similar to Amazon’s Firefly and various other visual shopping features. A familiar tool allows you to view the similar things of a style at the moment.  As in the demo, lens multiple times found the list of similar products. Just scan a product what you like, for example, a shirt, and tap on the appearing blue dots. It will list the matching products that come into that category. It shows the things that look somehow same but differ a little bit. It’s a good one for them who are in search for the best with the affordable price.

Real-time results, the old feature is with an improved interface. Instead of waiting, now app will be able to find the object in real time. In the demo, Google’s representative moved the camera in the room and the dots displayed on the screen showing for finding something across the room. After some seconds, the screen showed the tags like a blouse or a book. The rep used LG G7 for the demo. It will pleasure that by the year other handsets like Sony will be able to utilize to the lens.

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