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Cannabis has become legal in most states, and other countries around the world, since there are so many cannabis-related businesses being opened up every day they have been turning to the specialized cannabis business social networks to promote their brands, strains, and products, and to connect to potential customers and partners. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with cannabis use and business, because the DEA still considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug, just like it does – heroin, and other dangerous and addictive illegal drugs.

Weed Life

Weed life is a relatively new cannabis business social network, but it has become increasingly popular, with new people and businesses signing up for it daily. It is a newsfeed style social network, similar to Facebook, where people can share various videos, photos, information, business proposals, products, growing advice, and other topics related to marijuana. Business owners can create their pages and profiles on Weed Life, so other users can view their posts, products, and share their thoughts, events, and photos on their wall. It is a great way to attract more customers and to interact directly with the existing and potential ones.oom of cannabis-themed social networks.

Weed Circles

Weed Circles is like a combination of LinkedIn and Google Plus but entirely cannabis-themed. This cannabis business social network is a place where any marijuana user and owner of a cannabis business can sign up for free and make connections with partners, clients, and friends. You can also find the latest and best products and land some great deals on this cannabis social network. Weed Circles are part of Weed Life, so if you have already joined Weed Life, you will probably find a lot of similarities.

Leaf Wire

Leaf Wire is a great cannabis platform for businesses. Leaf Wire is different than other cannabis social networks because it’s designed to help cannabis businesses connect with potential partners, investors, and cannabis professionals. Just like LinkedIn, Leaf Wire allows you to interact with content posted by other users. The platform helps cannabis enthusiasts catch up with the latest news in the industry, network, and connect with business contacts and more.


Duby is the largest cannabis business social network-themed community on the web. Created as a haven for cannabis lovers who have been banned from the traditional social networks, today, Dub is the largest community for marijuana enthusiasts. It is also a superb platform in which cannabis businesses can promote their products and attract new customers.

Mass Roots

This is one of the first cannabis-based social networks. Its popularity snowballed, as marijuana enthusiasts spread the news to their friends and in other forums. Today, the Mass Roots website and mobile app have over a million connected users. This makes it the perfect social media to find new customers if you are in the cannabis business.

The website and app have made registering very simple, and allow for free listing of various marijuana businesses. On Mass Roots, users can rate and review the videos, photos, and content posted, as well as the different products and strains. It is a platform where marijuana enthusiasts can locate the best-regulated dispensaries in a particular area. It also has all the information which anyone interested in cannabis will need regarding growing, the different strains, the newest products, and any information related to it.

Weed Maps

Weed Maps is among the most prominent social networks and communities for cannabis businesses social network. Many cannabis enthusiasts have been using Weed Maps to find the best strains and the best local store and dispensaries on the website.

The social network also offers an option for registered users to add and view photos, information about brands, reviews of strains and businesses, and so on. So, for people in the cannabis business who are looking for expanding their customer base, Weed Maps is one of the best and easiest ways to do so.


Cannes is one of the largest cannabis social networks with a growing number of registered users and over 400,000 visitors per month. You can find information about the latest strains, find the closest and best dispensaries, or ask for advice on growing or other marijuana-related questions from the pros. There are various groups that you can join to discuss specific niche topics and questions related to cannabis. It is also a social media where cannabis business owners can promote their products, connect to customers, and interact directly with them on marijuana-related topics.

Cannabis Pros

Cannabis Pros is an up and coming platform that’s designed to connect professionals in the cannabis industry. This cannabis platform allows users to browse jobs and events as well as connect with like-minded individuals. Companies activating on Cannabis Pros can post updates, jobs, connect with fans, and more. This cannabis social network is perfect for those who want to be successful in the cannabis industry. Cannabis Pros helps those who share original thoughts, news, and events build successful business relationships in the cannabis world.

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