A List of biography books you must read

    biography books

    Biographies and autobiographies are detailed accounts of a person’s life, either narrated or written by some other person, or by the person himself. If you are a bookworm who is fond of reading, and if you are interested in biographies then here we present a list of biographic books which are a must read biography books:

    Book Year
    Cancer Schmancer 2002
    Making It Big In the Movies 2002
    Lucky Man 2002
    Shattered Love 2003
    Underneath It All 2003
    How Men Have Babies: A New father’s Survival guide 2003
    Room To Grow: An Appetite For Life 2003
    Hollywood Causes Cancer 2004
    Dancing Barefoot 2004
    A Paper Life 2004
    The Good, The Bad and Me 2005
    Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression 2005
    My life So Far AKA Working It Out 2005
    Bigger Than Hitler and Better Than Christ 2005
    Just One More Thing 2006
    Don’t Hassle the Hoff 2006
    How To Raise Kids That Won’t Hate You 2006
    Lessons In Becoming Myself 2006
    There Are Worst Things I Could Do 2006
    Grace Is Enough 2007
    Born Standing Up 2007
    Things I’ve Said, But Probably Shouldn’t Have 2007
    Let’s Face It 2007
    American Prince 2007
    This Terrible Business Has Been Good To Me 2007
    That’s Another Story 2008
    Stori Telling 2008
    Why We Suck 2008
    Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea 2008
    Pieces Of My Life 2008
    I May As Well Laugh About It 2009
    Safe At Home 2009
    My Shit Life So Far 2009
    Hollywood Monster 2009
    Eighty Is Not Enough: One Actor’s Journey Through The AmericanEntertainment Industry 2009
    When IStop Talking, You Know I’ll Be Dead 2010
    A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Future 2010
    What’s It All About: The Elephant To Hollywood 2010
    An Actor and a Gentleman 2010
    The GarnerFiles 2011
    Untied 2011
    Stories I Only Tell My Friends 2011
    The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life On Earth 2011
    Jeannie Out Of The Bottle 2011
    Life Is Not a Stage: From Broadway Baby to a Lovely Lady and Beyond, with Joel Brokaw 2011
    Corey-ography 2013
    See You in the Morning 2013
    My RAD Career 2014
    The Filthy Truth 2014
    So Anyway… 2014
    Normally, This Would Be Cause For Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness 2014
    But Enough About Me 2015
    The Facts About My Life: AKA I haven’t Changed; Only My Strokes Are Different 2015
    Born A Crime 2016
    I Was Saved By The Bell: Stories of Life, Love and Dreams That Indeed Came True 2016
    Is There Life Outside The Box? 2016
    Here I Go Again 2017
    Cheech Is Not My Real Name…But Don’t Call Me Chong! 2017
    Run, Holly, Run! 2017
    Unqualified 2017
    Rebel: My life Outside the Lines 2018
    Dark, Depressing and Hilarious 2018
    Becoming 2018
    Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life 2018
    Busey-isms 2018
    The Girl On The Balcony 2018
    Dying For  A Living: Sins and Confessions Of A Hollywood Villain/ Libertine Patriot 2018

    Biography Books List

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